Global H Codes (GHC)



ABS Community Research was founded in support of research and development for field-specific initiatives and interdisciplinary partnerships. In order to facilitate complex and integrated projects, Global H Codes (GHC) was founded as a classification and operational translation system to maintain alignments of concepts and procedures, supporting cohesion between fields and specializations which often struggle with competing concepts and methodologies, though share the same missions and objectives.


GHC has been utilized in a vast series of field-specific and interdisciplinary projects since ABS Community Research was founded in 2001. Original founding projects focused on Mental Health, Alternative Therapies, Neuropsychology, Social Work, Criminal Justice (Court, Probation, Corrections), with considerations for Education and Labor. GHC began applications to Nonprofit Finance and Economics in 2007. GHC expanded in applications across nonprofit fields, for domestic and foreign projects beginning in 2009. To date, GHC has been applied in nonprofit advocacy, strategic planning, fundraising, networking and public relations, and compliance audits for projects on almost every continent, involving grassroots to top leadership levels in nonprofit, government, and business sectors.


One of the largest challenges for nonprofits in achieving and growing their charitable missions is maintaining and advancing administration and related executive functions required to achieve operational objectives. In a highly competitive sector, GHC offers nonprofits at all levels with administrative tools for structuring and advancing growth, outcomes and impact.


Provide a classification system, translation apparatus, and coding language that supports technical advancements in administration, operations, finance, compliance, and information technology across nonprofit fields, economic levels, foreign and domestic bases.


As a data modeling, data analytics, and strategic planning apparatus, GHC functions as an intermediary between comparable standardized classification systems, and as a development agent for lower-economic projects that may lack implementation of advanced classification, to support best practices, program development, innovation, and audits. 


ABS Community Research is focusing 2020 on white papers and next edition founding manuscripts to exhibit GHC applications and advancements to founding principles since the organization was established in 2001. By 2021, ABS Community Research will have completed a 20-Year Retrospective. ABS Community Research seeks to establish renewed and advanced field-specific and interdisciplinary advisory councils and committees to bring "proof of concept" to the next level.