Current Initiatives

Global H Codes (GHC)

A 10 year report of GHC analytics in support of NGOs, public-private partnerships, and public sector administration in a range of sectors worldwide

Leadership Committee

Supporting project partnerships and developing platforms for top leaders and segment leaders to join together for advancing solutions in a range of sectors

African American Heritage Network

Community partnerships in  community justice and heritage initiatives including Black History and Gospel Music events:

About ABS Community Research

Founding Mission

ABS was established in 2001 to support research, development, and innovation for interdisciplinary partnerships between health and human services, education, labor, and criminal justice.

International Programs

ABS provides volunteer and consulting support to interdisciplinary programs in multiple countries including United States, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Nonprofit Administration

ABS provides volunteer and consulting support to charitable initiatives under principles of Global H Codes, advancing finance and accountability practices

Community Justice

ABS research projects include criminology, anti-terrorism, and anti-corruption in collaboration with nonprofit programs in risk mitigation and advocacy. 

Mental Health & Wellness

Creative Psychology is a scientific method for mental health based on psychological variance, variables and models in respect to the infinite capacity of individual diversity.

Arts & Culture

ABS provides representation and public relations support to artists and galleries, in awareness development and philanthropic programs for dedicated causes

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Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed., President

J. Alex Boston, JD, Vice President

Kenneth Feltman, Director

Gael Roulleau, Director